changing key signature without changing notes already entered

• Dec 1, 2018 - 09:54


And your question/problem is?
MuseScore never changes pitches when you change key signature and never did.
If that is what you're complaining about: transpose rather than change key sig

Indeed, MuseScore does not change the notes you entered when changing key signature. If you are in C major and entered an F natural, it remains an F natural even if you later change the key signature to D major. Now, maybe you are saying you want MsueScore to change the notes - to change that F to an F#? That wouldn't normally be a common thing to want to do, but one way to do it would be to make the key change, then press press Ctrl+A to select all, then Alt+Shift+Up followed by Alt+Shift+Down. This transposes everything diatonically up then down. Another way would be to right-click one of the accidentals that appears, Select / All Similar Elements, then Delete. Probably other methods too.

I found the answer on another part of the forum and hadn't come back to note it on my post here.
It was easy to simply drag the new key signature across from the palette. It changed the key without affecting the notes already entered whereas transposing would, of course, have altered my existing notes.

I entered the wrong key signature at the start of my new score. Every time I change the key signature it automatically changes all my notes as if it were transposing them to the new key. I don't want my notes to be changed, only the key signature???

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> "Every time I change the key signature it automatically changes all my notes as if it were transposing them to the new key."
It doesn't. It keeps those notes exactly the same. It might have to add/remove accidentals for them in order to do so; but a C will remain a C after changing key signatures and not magically turn into a C# (for example).

Instead what you're looking for seems to actually be a transposition, and not just a change of key signature. (You actually want the notes to change and morph into the notes they would've been if they were written under that key signature instead).
Either use the Transpose dialog or try selecting your notes and then press Alt+Shift+Down/Up. If you're on Mac, check the shortcut for "Diatonic pitch down/up" in preferences.

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