Album in v4?

• Aug 18, 2022 - 23:40

I had the impression that the Album feature (export a single PDF of multiple scores, i.e., export a book) would be back in v4 but can't find anything referring to it. Anyone know if it will be included?



For some reason I was under the impression that v4 would support this too. Or somehow combining multiple scores into one MS file and then exporting one PDF.

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There was work done on this a while back as part of a very promising Google Summer of Code project, but complications ensued and the work was never completed in a way that would have allowed it to be used as is. It may yet prove adaptable in some future version. Obviously, it's a hugely common request, so hopefully at some point this will finally make the cut.

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I hope Musescore can figure this out. I write music theatre and have to create different file every time I want to add a staff and then the page numbers and measure numbers are inconsistent and it's a pain. If a solo has a choral moment in it you have to finesse the end of the solo part and create another file for the chorus and then create another file to go back to solo. Surely I'm not the only one working in music theatre formats.

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Are you trying to combine multiple songs aon a single page, then? Because if not - and I certainly would recommend against combing songs on a page if you can avoid it - then you can simply combine the PDF's. You can add the page numbers after combining the PDF's using any of a number of tools.

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