Format --> Style cannot always change lyrics' font size

• Jun 22, 2022 - 09:10

Hi all,
In this specific example attempting to change all lyrics font size via the "Format - Style" function does not manage to change it (see first picture), whereas I can change the font type.
To change the font size I have to highlight each word independently in order to have access to the "text editor" that shows-up at bottom left corner (see second picture), obviously a very long process to complete.
Is there a workaround?

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This is probably due to every sylable having a custom formatting (here probably the color? No it is indeed their site, 8pt vs the style of 11pt).
Right-click one sylable, select all, then in the Inspector, the Text section, use the "Remove Custom Formatting" and/or use the "S(et as style) button next to the 11pt size setting.
The problem might stem from the score having been a MusicXML import.

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I still encounter the same problem on occasion. This is a score that I started today using the New Score wizard. I used Format -> Style -> Score to update to MuseJazz, then Format -> Style -> Text Styles to update (almost) everything to MuseJazz (laborious process that is...), including Even and Odd lyrics, yet the lyrics come out looking like Edwin. The inspector shows "MuseJazz" and the "Remove Custom Formatting" button is grey. I have attached a screenshot and the score. If you have any ideas would appreciate it! Thanks!

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