What do the colors on the piano keyboard mean (& how to remove them)?

• Sep 17, 2022 - 06:36

Currently when playing back the score, I see 3 colors on the keyboard: blue, light blue and gray.

I know that blue is the notes being played in real time, light blue is the initial note pressed when playback begins. What does gray mean?

And is it possible get rid of gray and light blue so that only the notes currently being played are displayed? I went to Preferences - Advanced and uncheck ui/pianoroll/showPitchHelp but that didn't remove the light blue.



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The light blue notes are those, which are selected when playback begins. Try it: select a whole measure and all notes within the measure are shown in light blue and they remain during the whole playback. Click outside of any staff to deselect all.
The grey ones I cannot find in my scores.

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They are the non-selected notes of the currently-selected chord. So if a single note C of a triad C-E-G is selected in the score, the C itself shows in blue, the E and G in gray. So if nothing is selected, there should be no light blue or gray. If you select something, the light blue and gray are there to show you what.

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