Page break makes one long measure

• Oct 1, 2022 - 14:06

So the song I have had 4 systems on the first page but only two on the second. I thought I would put a page break after the 3rd system, but there is a lot of white space. Is there a way to get Musescore to put in more systems, but bigger? For example instead of the usual 4 or 5 measures per line, why not 3 and more systems? Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 10.03.43 PM.png
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Format >Page settings >Scaling will make everything larger.

Format >Add/Remove System Breaks allows you to set, say, 3 measures per system.

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Ah, this brings up something I've run up against before. How do you remove a page break? There is no indication even though I have show invisibles checked. When I scale up, I end up with three pages with just one system on the second page (because of the page break, I guess).

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