Has MS.com switched to MS4?

• Nov 30, 2022 - 10:17

I created a short "test" piece, and uploaded it to MS.com. The original was done with MS 3.6.2. It looks as though MS.com sees it as MS4, and there is no playback.

Is this a problem on the remote site, or has something happened because I also have a recent MS4 nightly downloaded - though my file opens in MS 3.6.2?

Short quintet minute.mscz

At MS.com it's at:



OK - now sorted. When I shut the machine down and restarted the audio came back, and things now seem to work more or less as expected.

I do tend to have a lot of other programs open, and one of them most likely "grabbed" the audio. So probably not an MS issue this time round.

Sounds like you've sorted this out, but to answer the more general question: currently MuseScore 3 files will render online using MsueScore 3, and MuseScore 4 files will render using MuseScore 4. So all scores should both display and play the same as they do on the program used to created them. not sure if in the future it's planned to ever use MuseScore 4 to also render MuseScore 3 scores, or what the plan is for MuseScore 2 (or MuseScore 1) scores.

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