telephone view missing

• Dec 8, 2022 - 11:45

I updated recently to MuseScore version 3.62. I uploaded the score Tickle Toe, then noticed the telephone view
is not showing. Is there a problem with that particular score or is there another reason for the telephone view being absent. As always, I appreciate your help.

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If "the telephone view" your picture on the first page?
If so, be aware that you've explicitly chosen to share an mscx file here; a format which does not embed the images itself. If you save in the default mscz format instead; the image will be bundled inside it.

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If you look at my other scores, on the Right Side of the page a telephone view is visible. However, this score, Tickle Toe, the telephone view is missing.
This is the first score I created with MuseScore version 3.62. Therefore, I'm wondering is this an issue with the update, blocking the telephone view of the score?

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