Rests/Tacets MS4 [SOLVED]

• Dec 20, 2022 - 03:35

Not sure whether this should be under bugs or request a feature:

I can't seem to separate bars within a tacet. e.g. if I have a 4 bar tacet in a violin part and want the first bar of the tacet to be separate from the other three bars, thus having one full bar rest then 3 bars under one 3 bar tacet. The only thing that can be done is input a crotchet rest (the piece is in 2/4) into the first bar, which is unideal.

This is an incredibly specific request but also a small fix, I think (unless I have overlooked a feature).

EDIT: I've uploaded an image to make clear what I'm referring to.

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  1. Turn off bar rests ("M")
  2. Right-click the 2nd bar and open up Bar Properties
  3. Check "Break multibar rest" and OK out of there
  4. Turn bar rests back on "M"

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