New Muse sounds for strings have their own wild dynamics?

• Dec 17, 2022 - 02:50

I'm trying the new sounds, and they seem good. However, the violins and cellos vary wildly in volume, sometimes taking over above any other instrument, and sometimes just fading so much that you can't hear them properly.

And I don't have any dynamic elements in the sheet at all. Is this intended? Is there a way to control this?
I'm thinking of giving up the new sounds just because of this "player that follows their own will".


I agree, I'm experimenting now. Just trying to write a simple string quartet and the dynamics are practically impossible to predict.

It seems to be "intelligently" changing based on the dynamics coming up, but that proves to be a real problem when what you are writing starts to effect something several bars back that you had finished writing!

Violin 1 sometimes interprets a decresc. to "p" as literally stop playing. Like I'm looking at the mixer and there are no bars. It's not even "pp" or "ppp", just a single "p". That's a little extreme.

I would love a less intelligent, more predictable version of these wonderful sounds! As it is I'm considering using the old ones just to get through the work day.

I've added some trills to my violin staff and they're very quiet compared to the rest of the piece. Is this expected? I'm a very novice composer, so I'm not sure how some instruments are meant to behave.

I always thought of MuseScore as a sheetmusic editor, not a DAW. That it can audition the piece at all is a plus. But it clearly is no competition for the professional sample players.

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