problems with 0.9.6pr Beta 1

• Feb 8, 2010 - 21:10


testing the 0.9.6, I found that it can't open the Chord description files (xml).
Also, the new GUI for the the palettes in windows is AWFULL....
The 2 colors make it difficult to read, so It's now difficult to use.
Is there a possibility to keep the old GUI ?

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What method are you using to open the Chord description files?

To change the UI go to Edit > Preferences > General and change the Style to the one you like best.

"the new GUI for the the palettes in windows is AWFULL"

I didn't really follow the change in the GUI so would it be possible to describe a little more what you mean? I'm eager to see whether we can improve this. Perhaps a screenshot can help.

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The attached screen shot shows the palette from the latest nightly on the left and the palette from version 0.9.5 on the right. You will notice that the one on the left has more shading.

In my experience version 0.9.5 displayed the palette with shading on the first run (as shown on the homepage). After the first run it switches to the version with less shading.

In the preferences the one with less shading is called "Windows". The one with more shading is called "Windows XP".

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Hello !

I'm sorry to answer after such a long time.
The palette on my pc looked like there is no shading. The buttons were white and blue. And the lower font size made it difficult to read. I'll try the recent nightly to see the difference.

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