Drum Notation is Annoying (and this might fix it?)

• Dec 22, 2022 - 04:44

I have a suggestion to improve drum notation input. Take this standard workflow: I want to write kicks on 1 and 3 with snares on 2 and 4. I can write the kicks in fine, but I can't just write the snares where I want them. I have to write temporary quarter notes on all beats of the bar and then delete the ones on beat 1 and 3. I just wish when I hovered over where beat 2 should be (I've already put in my kick drums which divide the bar into 4 beats) it should give a little greyed out preview of a quarter note on beat 2 with a quarter rest on beat 1. I realize this might be a large-scale change, since that behaviour would probably need to be consistent across the app and that might not be possible. Just a suggestion!


This is a really good point, and it does indeed make for a very strange experience. The problem has fundamentally to do with the connection between the percussion panel and note input, which I think needs to be re-conceived. Thanks for raising this! I'm going to tackle it very soon.

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The problem is in part due to the "hands and feet" concept of drumset notation. As a result the snare and kick drums are in different voices. So all the voice rules apply. The whole Drum palette method of notation input takes me so long that I don't write drumset parts in MuseScore any more. Other software lets me input notes much more simply.
In general it would be nice to be able to put a note on any beat without having to add rests first, for any instrument.

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