Musescore 4 Continuous View left hand side cuts score off

• Jan 29, 2023 - 17:57

When jumping to the next part of the score, the left hand side of the continuous view will block the first bit of the score.

I use the continuous view function in MuseScore to take screencapture videos of a scrolling score. In MuseScore 3 the left hand side could not be deleted, but at least it didn´t completely block notes when jumping to the next part of the score. In MuseScore 4 the jumping algorithm has been adjusted and the information on the left hand side will now block the next bit of the score completely. Is there a workaround for this?


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Unfortunately it works a bit different now in version 4 than in version 3. In Version 3 you couldn´t remove the info on the left either, but when jumping ahead at to the next part the continuous view wouldn´t cut the first note off. In version 4 some notes are actually going to be blocked by it when you take a screencapture.

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