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• Feb 1, 2023 - 14:44

I wrote a score for SATB chorus and piano on my old HP computer in Musescore3. I wen't for Musescore4 on my new HP and was able to rehost all my old files, including my Musescore files, onto my new desktop. But I can't open them. Luckily, writing music is just a sideline hobby and I can rewrite the pieces from the paper copies I kept from my old computer, but that would be a colossal pain. Ideas? Thanks. Chuck


Forgive me if I am talking nonsense. If you have MU4 installed on the new pc, have you tried right-clicking on the old *.mscz files and selecting 'Open with...' for the association with the software?

What operating system is your NEW HP running? What ways have you tried to open the rehosted scores? You cannot open ANY of them? When they don't open, what error message might be seen?

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It seems to be an faulty insallation of Musescore.
Normally the mscz files are associated with Musescore. Obviously this has gone wrong.

Try the following:

  • open Musescore

  • drag the file from the explorer into the Musescore window.

  • if this works try to reinstall Musescore

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"unknown file type" shows that Windows doesn't have an application associated with .mscz files so it can't open the file on double-click. Once you manually associated .mscz with musescore.exe you will no longer see that error message. Might still not be possible to open, but with a different error.

For the non-techies deinstallation, reboot and re-installation should do as well.

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Yes, I know that very well!
Shoichi and you told him "Right click and open with", and ccabell463 said "Tried everything".
At least that should work. If not, it's an installation problem.

I did not get any feedback if my further suggestion worked: "drag the file from the explorer into the Musescore window."

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