following video can't do

• Feb 4, 2023 - 16:47

I follow the directions per video to select note then dynamic - try to drag and drop BUT the dynamic says no dynamic.

If I choose a note first, it maske a sound but still can't move dynamic - what am I doint that prevnts the video sequence.


Don't drag and drop, just click on the dynamic after selecting the note. It's much easier and much more accurate as you don't need to find the precise "drop point".

To answer you question "what am I doing...?" it's impossible to know without looking over your shoulder, but my guess is you are not finding that "drop point".

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Content does, that's notes, rests, articulations, dynamics, slurs, text etc., but formatting, that's system breaks, page breaks, positions of articulations, slurs, text, changes of text sizes and fonts etc. don't. However most formatting in the score will be carried over to a part once only, when the part is created. Formatting is not synced after that. There is another "however" that goes with that: when you change a style in a part you get the option to apply it to all parts.

Take a look at the handbook for more information.

In fact, take a look at the handbook anyway. It is a very useful resource.

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