MuseScore 4 Software Does Not Load After Shutdown Due to Drained Battery

• Feb 10, 2023 - 00:19

Hello -

My laptop ran out of battery power and shutdown while MuseScore 4 was still open. Now when I got to load the software the intro screen flashes then it does not load. This is a Windows 10 Home machine.

What is the solution to this ?

Jim Ernst


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Hi Bobjp - I tried re-running the msi file but no luck. I did the Repair with no luck. I de-installed version 4 and then went thru getting it via version 3. Same problem. when I click to open version 4, the logo screen displays and then disappears and the software never loads. This is on a Lenovo machine running Windows 10.

Thanks !

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Here's some more things to consider.

Windows also offers a repair function. I don't know if it is any different than the one in the MSI. You can get to it from Control panel/Programs and features/ scroll to MS4. Un-install MS4 if it doesn't work.

Un-install does not get rid of everything. You may need to look at Program Files and Program Data to delete MS4 related files. Also In AppData/Roaming. You might run a search of your drive for other folders. Of course move your Scores folder to some other location.

Some people report having to run System Restore. This will take your computer back to the way it was before you had trouble.

I've never had this problem so I can't say exactly what will work

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Thanks for posting this. This is how everyone learns what works and what doesn't. Can you tell me what post that was? I'm trying to put together information that will help people with problems. I took you down a side road road when the problem was a system setting all along. Thanks, again.

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