Moving icons in playbackuiactions.cpp

• Feb 26, 2023 - 17:18


I'm working on the Master branch of MuseScore (4.x) and I'm trying to move the "midi-on" action from the m_settingsActions list to the m_mainActions one.

2023-02-26 18_11_04-Courrier.png

So I changed the playbackuiactions.cpp like this :

2023-02-26 18_04_32-MuseScore_fork - Microsoft Visual Studio.png

The result is that the icon disappeared instead of moving :

2023-02-26 18_08_28-Courrier.png

What am I missing please ?

Thank you.


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Hi @Jojo-Schmitz,

Indeed I also tried to place the MIDI button before the "play" UiAction and it still not appear.
As you already noticed in the UI, the "rewind" button is at the first place and the third place in the "m_mainActions" UiActionList. So there should be a kind of mapping for positioning them.

Size is a good tip but I can't find how to control button size. I'm quite a newbie in QT/QML but I have a graduate in C++ backend programming.

I searched for all references between actions and UI elements and I'm missing something important.

By the way, thank you for your help.

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