Uneven lines when generating parts

• Feb 26, 2023 - 22:40

I have had this come up several times now with scores that were originally generated on a previous version. In the parts, the right end of the staves are no longer aligned, with some being too short and some running past the margin. Attached are 3 different parts from the same score, all with different line length problems that I cannot make go away. I reset all stretch and other settings to default with no effect. Is there some other setting that is causing this? Is this a known bug that will be fixed soon? Thanks.

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I opened your file and for some bizarre reason, measures 11 - 20 are each counted as measure 11 in the status bar. Measure 21 resumes with 12, and the final measure is shown in the status bar as measure 18.
However, the actual measure numbers that are displayed in the score show that the final measure should be 27.

Here's the file which I fixed in MuseScore 3:
Was mich auf dieser Welt-MS3.mscz
The displayed measure numbers and status bar numbers jibe.
This MS3 file should open in MuseScore 4 - though some layout adjustments may be needed.

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Thanks for fixing that file. I guess I'll just have to run things back through MS3 whenever that happens. Was the layout of the parts automatically fixed when you opened it in MS3 or did you need to change anything? The odd thing is that whenever this has happened for me it's been with a score from an older version that was opened in MS4.

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You wrote:
*Was the layout of the parts automatically fixed when you opened it in MS3 or did you need to change anything? *

The quick answer is that I had to delete, then regenerate, the parts in MS3 to correct the measure counts. (Deleting and regenerating parts has long been one basic tool for fixing scores.)

The verbose answer...
Okay, first I opened your score in MS4 and noticed the parts - as you mentioned. The measure counts were messed up proximate to the multimeasure rests. The main score "looked good", yet the measure count in the status bar showed the final measure as measure 18 when there appear to be 27 measures total when viewed by the measure numbers displayed in the score. Since MS4 did not complain about corruptions, and clearly something was amiss, I extracted the .mscxc file to see if MS3 could help.

When I opened the .mscx in MS3, the measure numbers agreed with what the status bar showed. The parts, however, looked strange near the multimeasure rests, especially when the multimeasure rest was selected. Deleting the parts and regenerating them got the measures to be numbered correctly (regardless whether multimeasure rests were toggled on or off in the part). So, I saved in MS3 - which can be opened in MS4 with hopefully no issues.

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