Different sounds in mixer

• Mar 3, 2023 - 17:00

Previously when I was in mixer, I could change sounds for the different instruments in score. I don't know what changed but that option is no longer there. I believe I'm using version


Are you sure you want to change sounds as opposed to instruments? To change sounds while keeping the instrument the same (for example, to make a saxophone sound like a trumpet), use the Mixer in MU3, or in MU4, you can use the collection I provide here - https://community.masteringmusescore.com/c/resources/ms-basic-individua…

If however you want to change the actual instrument - o it really is a trumpet in terms of name, transpositions, etc - use Staff/Part properties.

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Many thanks for this workaround. It works perfectly for my needs.
Actually, there are so many people who are missing this feature (changing the "sound" in playback, without changing the "instrument" itself) and asking for it in the forum that it might be worth pointing to this workaround in the documentation (until at least the feature is restored in Musescore 4).

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