How do I write for Multiple Percussion in MuseScore 4?

• Mar 4, 2023 - 06:01

Hello, I need help figuring out how to write for multi perc. I am a percussionist and I need MuseScore to be able to not only handle the challenging and diverse demands of writing for percussion, but I need it to do so well and intuitively, which it does not seem to do right now.

See my attached screenshot. I want the vibraphone 1 to double on bells, vibe 2 and shaker, mar 1 and crotales, mar 2 and wood blocks, etc.

I know you can add multiple instruments to a part view, but is that the only way? How would this be done in the score view? Is there any way to actually link them?

Maybe MuseScore should implement a feature similar to Dorico's "performer" or "player" thing where you can assign multiple instruments to one player.
At the very least it should avoid the problem seen in the second screenshot, where the score order does not match the order of the assigned parts. I also don't see why those 2 lists can't just be consolidated into one view.

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It's not totally clear what you are trying to do - seeing your actual score instead of just pictures, but also a clear description (or in this case, a picture) of the desired result would be helpful.

As mentioned, instead of all those separate instruments, just have a single instrument and use instrument changes where needed. Or at least, as many instruments as you intend to have players.

But you can also have a single part that contains multiple instruments, and you have independent control over the order of the instruments in the part and score. So whatever it is you are trying to do, it's likely achievable.

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Hey! I think what they are trying to say is that they are trying to create a "Percussion 1/2/3" part like in conductor scores, where you can put multiple instruments into one staff. Can you explain how to do this on Musescore 4? I'm also a bit confused on how to do this as there's currently around 15 different percussion instruments on my score that need to be combined into Percussion 1,2,3. I attached an example below so you can see what I mean.

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