I can't paste the copyright into the box

• Mar 14, 2023 - 00:07

I am trying to paste the long copyright for the song that I am arranging from the site where I have permission to arrange it (and will post it back to the site to sell). Trying to type it isn't working as I can only see a tiny bit, and when I hit my back arrow (yes, the back arrow and not backspace), it is deleting everything! If I do make an error and cautiously try to go back to delete the error, it again deletes the entire thing. After spending 30 minutes trying to get past the copyright, I am extremely frustrated with my first attempt at 4.0 and am going back to the old version! I was looking forward to trying the new version, but so far am really not impressed!

I had also tried to use the copy and paste feature for the "composer" box like I always used to do, but that didn't work, either. I have been using Musescore for years, and this is definitely not a good way to start a new version.


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At the start where you set up the info for the score: Where you insert the title, subtitle composer, lyricist, copyright. You should be able to paste the info copied from another source (we have always been able to do this for earlier versions). But this would not work at all last night, and even trying to type the long copyright exactly as it needed to be done from the source (ArrangeMe) was not working properly as it would erase the entire thing if I tried to use the back arrow to proofread parts I had typed. It was severely glitched.

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