Incorrect placement of tied notes just before a repeat.

• Mar 20, 2023 - 16:04

Not sure if this is a known problem or something I am doing wrong. Ties inserted just before a repeat are elongated into the next section. Yes, I can adjust the spacing and then adjust each individual tie but would prefer if it just worked. I have been heavily using MS4 since it's release and have been enjoying the work flow much more over Finale which I have been using since 1998. I have enclosed a section of the score which I hope shows the issue, thanks!

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I don't know how MuS 4 ist dealing with this. The issue is also known in 3.6.2 and there is (as far as I know) no direct solution.
I recommend to move the repeats to another place and use voltas. You will have to write some bars twice for this.
I did it with 3.6.2 and I hope it plays correctly this way.

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Hello and thanks for the reply. Yes, I have also tried using voltas and got the same result as using a simple repeat. I only used MS 3.6.2 very sparingly as more of a curiosity and I was unaware that it also had the same issue.

I am just on the brink of using MS4 as my full time notation app (used Finale since 1998) but there are still problems that cause me to hesitate to make the switch full time. The only reason I haven't purchased Dorico yet is I am greatly impressed by MS4's ease of workflow and rapid development of MS4. I will wait a bit longer before buying Dorico as MS4 shows huge promise. Alas, I guess no notation app is without its quirks.

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Only for clarification: your issue is at measure 18?
Did you have a look on my version? You can it open with MuS 4.
I placed the repeats and voltas in a way, that the ties don't have to work over the repeat barlines.
Musescore does not recognize the repeats when placing a tie. In your case it is very special: for the repeat jump you need a tie, but not if you continue to measure 19 on the second run.

For the notation alone, a slur would work too but the playback will still be wrong, as it is now.

BTW: in your score is a "D.S. al Coda" but not segno marking. This may be a relic from your experiments...

I guess no notation app is without its quirks.
Which software at all has no quirks? :-)

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Yes measure 18 is the issue. I hadn't thought of your idea of moving the repeats. That would definitely help the issue with the ties. However that solution would not delineate the form correctly... it's a 12 bar blues. I always try to use repeats, double bars, rehearsal marks etc. in a way that makes it easy for players to discern the form easily. The score I posted is only a small copy and paste of a larger piece so yes, the D.S. would not make sense in the provided snippet, I should've deleted it to avoid confusion. Anyways, I suppose it's only a minor annoyance :-) Thanks again for your ideas on a possible solution!

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