Decrease note lengths when removing tuplet brackets.

• Mar 29, 2023 - 22:51

The current method of deleting a tuplet bracket can (and nearly always DOES) cause the deleting of notes outside the span of the tuplet.

The reason for this stems from the arbitrary decision on the part of the inventors of music notation that a tuplet should squeeze the length of notes to fit in a space, rather than stretching them. There's no inherent reason why 3 notes in the space of a beat should be notated as eighth notes rather than 16ths. Neither represents the length of the note, without a bracket present.

If they had decided on the other option, removing a bracket would never cause the loss of information outside the tuplet in the computer notation programs that would be written hundreds of years in the future.

Thankfully, there's an easy way around this, and that is simply to decrease the length of notes in a tuplet when removing that tuplet, rather than increasing them. Of course this makes the notation LOOK as though it has been changed more dramatically, because of the above historical context. But in neither case is the note-length ACTUALLY the same-- so why not choose the solution that won't erase existing work?

Of course, if this were confusing to longtime users, one could make it a preference.

But it's hard for me to imagine someone preferring this method--I have not found a satisfactory workaround, beyond pasting a triplet somewhere else and converting it to, for instance, two sixteenths and an eighth (which is what I would do 90% of the time...) and then copying it back. Otherwise, I must REMEMBER what that erased first note after the tuplet was THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS of converting my three former triplet notes into some combination of eighths and sixteenths. I'm 62 years old. That kind of short term memory is miserable.

I guess I could just write the note down on paper....



"!The current method of deleting a tuplet bracket can (and nearly always DOES) cause the deleting of notes outside the span of the tuplet."

I don't think I've ever seen that happen. Clicking on the bracket or clicking on the 3 and pressing [Del] deletes the tuplet and leaves behind a rest equal to the duration of the tuplet. Nothing happens to the notes before or after the tuplet.

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After thinking about it, (and getting over my embarassment for not knowing what the actual typical defaut behaviour is) I believe there's still no good reason why a user should lose actual notes by removing a bracket associated with them, other than to avoid the result I got in my XML import example, where notes outside the bracket get removed.

So I guess I still feel like this is a vaild FR.

Use my Duration Editor plugin ;-) (MS3.6 only)
It is definitely meant for this use case, with whom I struggled too a lot. Until I made the plugin.
The tuplet conversion (to and from tuplet) does not erase anything from outside the tuplet. It just pushes what follows the tuplet further in the measure.

Have a look at the end of the demo, for some examples of tuplets manipulations:


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