How to decrescendo to a specific dynamic and into a long rest without the first measure of the long rest being separated

• Mar 28, 2023 - 22:48

Sorry for the long title. Really don't know how to describe it more concisely lol.

My issue is this: I often like to show instrumentalists exactly which dynamic I'd like them to decrescendo to after a held note. Essentially a controlled fade out. But to do that, I have to put that dynamic marking at the first beat of the measure just after the held note ends which means long rests will have their first measure separated from the rest. That has often lead to confusion with players about how long to rest because, for example, a 12-measure rest kind of only looks like an 11-measure rest because the first measure is separated from the rest of them. I've attached a recreation of that example to this post.

TLDR: need to know how to put a dynamic marking at the end of a measure (as oppose to the first beat of the following measure) when an instrument is decrescendoing/fading out

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Another way to accomplish this:
1. Delete your "pp", the 12-measure rest will reappear. Then drag and drop "pp" from the palette onto the hairpin.
This will show what you want, but won't play back the fade, yet:
2. In inspector, set the fade via the hairpin's "velocity change" property (e.g. to 56 if you want to fade from mf=80 to pp=24)
Modified example and screenshot attached. Best - Wolfgang

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