Musescore 4 is incredibly disappointing so far.

• Jan 16, 2023 - 21:11

I was working on a like a 30 part composition and then suddenly, the whole program crashes.

I go to open it again, as this isn't the first time this has occurred. It happens more often than not actually. Usually it works till it inevitably crashes again. This is already frustrating, right?

Well I go to open the composition again and the file is corrupted. All of my work is completely gone. Also strangely enough all the new sounds I downloaded all just decided to uninstall themselves.

I try to start a new composition, and start from scratch completely. The program crashes the moment I change tabs on Musescore 4.

This program is a joke, and I don't know how anyone is even supposed to take this notation software as a reliable tool to write sheet music.

That's just me though. However I know for a fact that I'm not the only person annoyed by this "complete overhaul."


Same here, I currently working on multiple sheet musics for band playing. Excitedly Downloaded and installed M.4 and voala.... it repeatedly crashed. With some files I worked on the day before, when I clicked on to open and continue working on them the next day, whenever clicking those files, M.4 just crashed and there is no way to open those files now. What a waste of my time. Had to re-install Musescore 3 and been using M.3 very OK since. Now dared not to use Musescore 4 until maybe another....

Windows 10 user here, it’s even worse, more buggy than Cyberpunk 2077. For instance, the program will sometimes just completely forget that MuseSounds are installed on the computer; I literally have the 13gb of shit and eventually it will forever refuse to load them in. Paths are in the correct locations as are the files, MuseHub won’t even label the sounds as downloaded as it usually does, and when I try redownloading it, the program freezes (if I still have the files in the EXACT SAME FOLDER—AND SHOULD BE REGISTERING THEM FROM—it’s downloading to, otherwise it just carries on its download). I truly wonder why.

The solution? Get this: delete the entire MuseHub folder, uninstall MuseScore and MuseHub, then redownload. That’s the ONLY solution I’ve seen so far. I’m just going to leave the blatant superfluity of this all in the air.

Some other crashes and other minor annoyances that aren’t performance based and should’ve been easily caught in the months of beta testing: occasionally typing something in the search bar will cause the app to freeze, then close out. Can’t find a way to reproduce this. Also if you open the Show Paths popup, and click outside of it, the popup can no longer close out unless you close out the entire app.

A closing question though, did they seriously defer the option to change dynamic class, like system, part, and staff? I imported an old piece for piano and the dynamics were just crammed to one part. Is there currently any way to adjust this?

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I get all the frustration. I use MU4 almost every day. Especially since Beta. Never had a crash or file corruption. I have seen the Show Paths problem. Though only because it's been mentioned before. I've had no reason to check paths. What's new to me from your post is the comment about the search bar. Where is the search bar? Do you mean the search palettes function? I just tried that several times without problem.
Obviously, people are having problems. It's difficult to understand from most of the posts. I don't think the developers can tell much from a post that says "crash when I do such and such". They would need much more information. Specs, what else is running, software location, AV and firewalls, and more.
Why am I not having the same problems you are? I don't know. I wish I did.

MuseScore 4 is new release, so lots of bugs are unsurprising.
Sounds like as if its pretty difficult to pinpoint what caused the bug.
Maybe the bugs will decrease over time.

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