How to shift space between staves?

• Apr 24, 2023 - 17:21

How do you increase the vertical spacing between grouped staves, but decrease it between separate staff groups?

In the attached file, I have staves for standard notation and tabs that don't have enough space, so the bottom most notes are overlapping with the top-most tabs.

However, the space between each group is massive. How can I shrink that wasted space, and use it to give some extra space between my standard notation and tabs?


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"I'm running version 3.2.3"
3.2.3, sure? Why? The last update of the version 3 is 3.6.2. The animation was done with the 3.6.2. Update at least to this for 3.6.2 (this feature was implemented in 3.6. version:…)
That said, I don't remember exactly where it is (Format/Style and ?) , but the same parameter (or close to it) of distance between staves is available in this version 3.2.3 (and anteriors of course)

"I guess I need to install version 4."
So, no.

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I'm running Linux, and 3.2.3 is what's available via an easily installable PPA. Looks like version 4 is available via an AppImage, but those things are horrible, and a lot of people are reporting that Musescore 4 still doesn't work on LInux, even when installed that way.

Right click the lower of the two instrument names, go to Staff/Part Properties and edit "Extra distance above staff". This works on 3.2.3 as well (same version I have lol).

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