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• May 9, 2023 - 01:29

Hey! I have been recently working on a concert band piece and when I get to each individual part of the score, all of the lines are lost and when I try to export it as a PDF, they still aren't there. But when I add a line in place of the original one which should be there, I get 2 in the original score. This is one issue. Another thing I can't seem to do is make the score look more "professional" and not in a way that is all scrunched up. I have a lot of tempo changes and the notes and staves look too big and too scrunched up.
**The jw.pepper image is the type of individual part I want and you can see how musescore doesn't do that even when I want it like that.

Could someone please help me with these 2 problems?
Thanks a lot.


In order for someone to assist, we'd need you to attach your actual score - not just pictures - and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. We can also then give better advise on how to improve the layout, if you describe in more detail what you want. Could be as simple as adding some system and age breaks, could be be other settings you will want.

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The problem is already there I don't need to reproduce it. I will attach my score but what will you do with it? I want the individual lines in each individual part to be spaced out more than it already is because it looks unsightly cluttered. I also want possible the staves and notes smaller but that might not be possible but I do believe the first part is possible but I don't know how. If you looked at the other screenshot of an actual professional score, you will see that each line of the individual part is spaced out far more than it is in musescore and everything is smaller and it looks less cluttered and more professional. That is what I want. Another problem is that when I upload a separate part, all of my crescendos and lines (like ritardandos and all of that) just dissapear even when I try to print it which is my end goal and I don't know if that is a Musescore 4 problem or am I just doing something wrong but it is very annoying to add every single line back and then realize that in the actual score, it is put twice.

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What I mean by "reproduce the problem" isn't that we want you to see the problem again - I mean, we need others to be able to see the problem, in order to understand what is going on and either show you how to solve it or determine there is a bug and then help you report it to the developers. So what we will do is look at the score and your description of the problem to try to work out what the next steps are.

You mentioned lines being lost in parts. I looked at the Flute 1 part and I can see the hairpin in bar 6, for example is indeed missing. Normally this should not be possible, so it does indicate a bug has occured. But what we would need in order to report this further is to understand how this occurred - what happened between the last time everything was working correctly, and when things stopped working. For now, I can suggest that the way to fix the problem - to get the lines back where they belong - is to reset the paerts. In the Parts window, click the "..." next to agiven part then "Reset". This gets things back to how they are supposed to be for that part.

As for spacing, the pictures you are showing seem to be totally different scores, so if course no spacing adjustment will make your score look like the picture you show. But if you want it be more widely spaced, then as mentioned, you can increase the minimum system distance in Format / Style / Page. Or - and this is probably the better approach - simply add system and page breaks where you feel they will be most useful.

Right now that Flute 1 part fits nicely on two pages, and there is room for an extra system or two on the second page. So consider adding a page break (via the Layout palette, or Ctrl+Enter) on the last bar of the second-to-last system of the first page. This will space things more evenly. But if it's still too crowded for your taste, you will probably need to go to three pages, and then decide ewhere you want your breaks to be to fill those three pages how you like.

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