Suddenly MuseSounds disappeared

• May 30, 2023 - 23:07

It has worked perfectly but now MuseSounds doesn't appear anymore, my former scores appear with MSBasic instead. How can I check if it is installed, or haow to reactivate it? Thanks! Windows 10, Musescore 4.02
P. S. Muse_Hub informs that MuseSounds is already installed.


What do you see in View/Playback setup?

Look in the Hub to see where the default sound file is located. See if anything is there.

I noticed the same behaviour with the latest version of Musescore 4. ( Until recently it was working normally and suddenly stopped working. Program starts to open with the normal "flash screen", but this disappears after a few seconds. Later, I casually discovered that when I switched the sound output to my TV via HDMI cable, Musescore worked normally. I was using audio output set to Windows system and I changed output in Windows. My PC hardware for audio output via the headphones is Realtek High Definition Audio.

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