• Jun 5, 2023 - 00:42

How to combine every two voices in one single staff like in the attached image?
I tried a method I found in the Handbook but it just copied Alto in Soprano without combining the 2 staves.

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To: Jm6stringer & DanielR
I already tried the "Implode" function, but maybe I didn't use it the right way.
I'll read again how to exactly do it and retry.
Thank you :D

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  • Create four staves, S, A, T, B.
  • Write in every staff the notes in voice 1.
  • Select all measures of staves S and A and apply 'Implode'.
  • Delete in the instruments window the Alto staff.
  • Rename the instrument name from Soprano into "S [newline] A" or similar.

Do the same with T and B.

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