Can a Symbol from the Master Palette retain a certain Offset?

• Jun 6, 2023 - 21:32

I am using a Tremolo in the MuseJazz font style from the "Symbols" section Master Palette. I have memorized the offset I need for it - X = 1.22, Y = -1.5. It is perfectly centered on the stem and does not collide with the note head with these values.

The issue is, I have to either manually type this, or have one I have already made in the score to copy and paste onto other notes. For my use case, I also select all notes of the same pitch and add the one tremolo, offset it, and the issue is solved for all notes with this implement.

But, how can I make it so that when this Tremolo (or any symbol from the "Symbols" section in the Master Palette) is in a custom palette, it always populates with the above mentioned offset to avoid doing it manually?

The first measure in the attached file is the desired result from simply clicking the palette. The second is what currently happens if I just add the symbol with no offset. Is saving a custom offset not a feature?

Thank you!

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Jojo, are you able to replicate this? Here is what I've done in full, as I saw this in another thread:

  1. Apply Tremolo to a note in the score.
  2. Edit the offset to X = 1.22, Y = –1.5
  3. Ctrl, Shift, Drag the Tremolo with the offset changed to a Custom Palette.
  4. Selecting a note, click the new Tremolo I just dragged.

With these steps, the offset is not there in this new Tremolo, it's still at offset X = 0 and Y = 0.

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Man, I thought I was losing my mind here. The handbook, other forum posts, and your advice all said the same thing and I just can't get this Tremolo to replicate it. So the question is, is this a bug? Should the outcome of copying the Tremolo with the offset edited to a custom palette be that it retains its offset when used again?

Offsets are indeed not remembered when applying custom palette elements. It's definitely something to be considered. See

But, why are you resorting to the symbols palette for tremolo? It's supported directly and the layout is already correct by default, plus it plays back well. Unless you are speciifcally trying to get it not to play back? If for some reason that's wht you want, I'd recommend a different approach - a separate invisible staff for the playback effect you want.

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That feature request is exactly what I thought should occur!

And Marc, there are two reasons I am resorting to this symbol:

1.The less important reason, yes, for my purposes I don't want this Tremolo effect in the playback. Another great feature would be to toggle between Tremolo playback with the standard Tremolo.

  1. The more important reason, the standard Tremolo doesn't take on the MuseJazz font appearance, and I'm a sucker for visual uniformity. But perhaps this introduces another possible (and better) solution; can I make the standard Tremolo that is directly supported the MuseJazz font style somehow? While that would add the playback, I would prefer this over having to manually alter the offset each time.

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I would definitely recommend opening ann issue on GitHub requesting the MuseJazz tremolo be made available, perhaps as an option. It's a bit tricky as I think these may normally be "drawn" as opposed to placed with symbols, so they can reuse some of the beaming and other code. But the nice thing about having MuseScoire do it is it can also lengthen the stems as necessary, etc.

Regarding playback, there is already an issue covering this -

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