Duplet of 2 quarter notes in 12/8

• Jun 8, 2023 - 18:20

Hi Everyone.
I want to write 2 duplets of 2 quarter notes in the last 6 beats of a 12/8 measure.
When I tried, I found that it was impossible.
What I want to write is in the attached file (D).
What it shows me is in the attached file (MS4''') and (MS4'''').
What I must do?

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D.jpg 3.54 MB
MS4'''.PNG 3.03 KB
MS4''''.PNG 3.09 KB


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"However, now there is another small problem ... I rather make the rest invisible or change something in the ratio of the duplet."

I found @jeetee's brilliant solution so fascinating that I had to work through it. Being a "visual" person it seemed easier for me to grasp the concept if I left the quadruplet marking visible:

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Nested_tuplets.mscz 20.69 KB

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