Double the notational duration of duplets

• Jul 20, 2022 - 14:24

This is my first question. I searched the forum but did not find a similar question.

When a dotted quarter note is split into duplets (e.g. in 6/8), they will be eighth notes by default. I prefer these to be written in quarter notes, because of consistency with other tuplets. Is there a good way to change the notation?
My temporary solution is to show the bracket and hide the beam, so that they look like quarter notes.


When creating the tuplet, use Add / Tuplets / Other and specify the ratio as 4:3 (because that's what it is). This will display a number 4 instead of 2, though. I'd enable the ratio display, so it can show 4:3. A plain "2" is a little confusing, potentially, because that would be implying a ratio of 2:1.5, and fractional ratios are not normally used (and that's why it defaults the way it does). And yet, somehow, logically, the 2 makes intuitive sense if you don't think through the math of it, and some publishers do notate it that way. So, you could cover it up with a staff text with opaque background, I guess. Or maybe someone else has a more clever idea.

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Thank you for your prompt information. I see that this notation is adopted because aware of the ratio behind them. I have always adopted the notation of 'slightly tightened' notes, so I was wondering why duplet was the only exception. I will consider the actual choice with your opinion.

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FWIW, my own preference here is to skip the tuplet notation completely since it just opens up the possibiltiy of confusion. Two notes in the space of a dotted quarter as dotted eighths, plain and simple. I admit it doesn't quite have the same appeal, but it's simple and gets the job done.

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Since you'd get quarter notes if you'd start from a dotted half instead, you can use a nested tuplet:

  1. Start with dotted 1/4th duration
  2. Add > Tuplets > other...
  3. Ratio = 4/2, Number & Bracket = both set to None
  4. Esc out of note input mode
  5. W twice to double the duration twice and end up with a dotted 1/2 (full notational duration of everything within the not-visible tuplet)
  6. Add > Tuplets > Duplet

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