Ties not sounding long enough

• Sep 21, 2023 - 12:40

I've only tested this with voices, but any sufficiently note across a bar appears to be at risk of this problem.

As in the sample file, the note stops sounding after the first bar

I've also encountered cases where it stops at the second or third bar

By the way this is with MS Basic

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Bug with ties.mscz 16.91 KB


I think this has been brought up before. But I don't know if it has been reported. Your score plays correctly for me. However, if i make a string of notes and tie them one by one, playback stopes as it does for you. If I select the first note and shift + select the last note and then tie them, then playback is correct. Sound font doesn't doesn't seem to matter.

There is something very odd going on. I couldn't make your sample score play at all, so I recreated the sample as a new score.

To start with, the new score played through all the ties correctly with Muse Sounds. Then I changed from Muse Choir Sopranos to MS Basic soundfont: no problem with that playback either.

But then on a subsequent playback using Muse Choir Sopranos, the sound ceased in bar 4. And then in a later playback, normal playthrough came back. Unfortunately this effect is not yet reliably reproducible as a fault. But there is definitely a fault somewhere.

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Voice_across_ties.mscz 17.47 KB

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