Ties don't play back properly

• Jul 23, 2023 - 18:11

This happens to me very regularly, probably for all the years I've used musescore. For example, I'll tie together 2 notes (NOT a slur), and the sound for that note will simply stop when it reaches the tied note. This seems to happen usually when I tie together pre-existing notes instead of starting on the first note and tying them one at a time. It could also be related to tying over the bar line. I do those things a lot, so if musescore doesn't understand what it means, it's gonna be really annoying. Sometimes I fill in the harmony with detached notes and then tie them together after the fact. It seems to be "fixed" sometimes if I delete all the tied notes and tie them one at a time from the first note.

I was going to submit an example, but I adjusted part of the score unrelated to the tied notes and they started working again. It's not a rare occurrence whatsoever, so hopefully my word is enough for now. This has been frustrating me for a long time, and I don't want to have to fight to get notes to actually play.


I have seen this reported before. Various tied notes not working. Ties to accented notes or staccato notes. All kinds of things. I'm not saying that is your case.
But this is telling: " I adjusted part of the score unrelated to the tied notes and they started working again". I've seen this type of thing, also. For example, some had a problem with notes being held too long in a tuba part. We found out the about ten bars earlier, they had mistakenly added a pizz text to the tuba part. This had no affect until later when the last note of a phrase never stopped.

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Hmm, interesting. At least there's some awareness. Strange that most of these with similar issues have some special type of note or articulation, but it happens to me with straight up normal notes. What I changed about the score was: adding measure numbers so I could refer to the measure, and removing an unused upbeat measure (which I use because the midi instruments seem to have a rough time playing on the first beat).

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Interestingly enough, I've just done some testing with this. I opened a violin section score ( I also did it with organ) and entered four measures of an A whole note. I tied the first 2 wholes notes and playback worked. Then I added a tie from the 2nd to the 3rd. Playback of the A stopped at the 2nd whole note and resumed at the 4th whole note. I deleted the first tie. Cleared the selection and re-entered the tie between the 1st and 2nd notes. Playback was correct. Even after I closed and re-opened the score. The same problem happened after tying the 3rd and 4th notes. Playback stopped after note 3. But was corrected after deleting and re-entering the first tie. This is true of chords, also This isn't how it should be, but at least gives us a way to work with the problem.

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