Deleting a Score

• Oct 9, 2023 - 12:11

I'm new. How do I delete scores from museScore? I. don't seed the obviouse button on the select score page. I'm a mac user.


In the MuseScore desktop notation editor, there is deliberately no menu option like:
File > Delete...

Instead you should use your Mac's operating system to delete unwanted files.

And that way, you definitely cannot blame MuseScore for deleting your score... only yourself. ;-)

... and in case you are referring to scores which you have uploaded (published) to, you can follow this path to delete an online score:
- go to and log in to your MuseScore account
- from the dropdown arrow by your profile icon at top right select "My scores"
- on the "My scores" page, identify or search for the score you want to delete
- select that score so that it opens alone in its own page
- from the "3 dots" menu on the right of the score title, choose "Delete this score"
- click "Delete" to confirm (or "Cancel" to back out)

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Many thanks for your response and assistance. I did succeed in doing that after prior stabs at various things. They are off my system. But were still in the forScore score index and forScore will not open because the files are not there (it’s using up Mac windows }.

Should I reinstall forScore? Are forScore and museScore sharing the files? and is that the (a) problems.

Per your follow up, these scores are not published.
Thank. you,

Richard Atwood
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