Playback for different parts coming in late or early

• Nov 20, 2023 - 04:05

I'm writing a military march for concert band (transferred from Muse 3 to 4 if that important to know). I've only had one issue while writing it so far: whenever I play back the same part on different instruments (the same music on different parts, I guess you could say), the instruments don't always line up with each other or with the tempo of the piece. For instance, the melody I establish after the key change is played by trumpets, piccolo, flutes, and clarinets. The trumpets are very on beat. The flutes are a tad late at some parts of the melody. And the clarinets are even more noticeably late. I did copy-paste the parts from one to the next, but this still shouldn't be happening. It makes a difference because in busier sections of the song it can sound really muddy if the parts playing the same part aren't staying together and on the beat.

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Having a similar issue on my end. Are you by chance running this from a macOS device? And is this issue happing with instruments from the Muse Sounds library add-on for MuseScore 4? Many of my instruments are playing ahead of time on several parts and the issue now presents itself in playback of all of my scores with Muse Sounds enabled.

It's hard for me to tell what is going on here. When I solo the 1st flute and the first trumpet, they are in sync. I turned off the reverb. There may be a problem because you have everything panned center. Everything on top of each other. But in general I don't hear anything lagging on my system. Perhaps if you post an mp3. And what to listem for.

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