delete rests

• Dec 2, 2023 - 01:41

how do I delete rests?


Generally you don't delete rests, you replace them with notes.

To get a bit philosophical: a rest means silence. How do you get rid of silence? You fill it with sound.

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Perhaps evilrobotics means rests of voices 2 ... 4. Or there is a problem due to an PDF import.
To 'remove' rests, it is better to hide them. They can also be deleted with Ctrl+Del, but then the measure length is wrong. This should only be done in exceptional cases: at the upbeat or on the last measure to complete the upbeat.

It would be better if evilrobotics would follow bobjp's advice and attach an example.

What is your real question? I.e. what have you done that leads you to want to delete rests, because normally you wouldn't need to delete them.

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