Please Fix the Sustain Pedal in MuseScore 4

• Apr 27, 2023 - 04:12

The sustain pedal in MuseScore 4 needs work. It sounds like the sustain pedal is released before the signal for release is shown and then pressed again before the signal as well. This causes notes at the end of measures to be left out of the sustain, and then those same notes bleed over into the next measure and become part of that measure's sustained notes.

See the example file below. In the slow section, the notes from previous measures bleed into the next measure until the sustain for that measure is released. In the fast section, the sustain can be clearly heard being released and pressed again about an eighth note too early.

I've seen some comments about this before, and I'd like confirmation that someone at MuseScore is aware of this and working on it.

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SustainPedalIssues.mscz 44.23 KB


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