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• Dec 12, 2023 - 02:45

The man page for MS4 doesn't correspond to the behaviour I've got.

I can edit the page but thought I'd check if anyone knows if there are changes coming, or have different observations to me.

First - the metronome outputs to audio files now. Page says it doesn't.
Second - I can't make it do two types of tick as described for compound meter. This may be because:
Third - It can be controlled in the mixer and you can change the sound to anything you want (making it a cowbell just screwed things up - ticking in completely the wrong place. I'll do some more testing)

Thoughts? I still would leave in the description of making your own percussion stave as it gives more control for count in, which is still missing.


Yes you are correct. I didn't realize the difference and wrongly copied that from ms3 hb last week.


re 2
ms4 use a different logic to determine how the two sounds are added.
this creates 9 ticks per bar
changing the marking to beat=60 creates 3 ticks per bar.
Play panel tempo slider affects how many ticks are added per bar now! seems ms4 uses monitoring tempo to determine it, rather than the written tempo of the musical beat as in ms3.

re 3

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Ok the stuff about two ticks and how they area applied to compound meter appear to be correct for the nightly of MS 4.2.

On the assumption it won't be too long till it's released I made only minor pages to the metronome page, noting the output to audio files and accessibility from the mixer. When 4.2 is released I'll check the page.

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