How to make a part not display its leading measures.

• Mar 8, 2024 - 11:09

I am transposing trumpet parts and the 5th trumpet only plays at the end of the last movement. I do not want the part to display all the rests before rehearsal mark 55. Can I achieve this while keeping it part of the score?

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I'm afraid this won't be possible directly, because every rehearshal mark, double bar line, staff or system text and some other things interrupt a multi measure rest.

In MuS3 I would save the part of the trumpet as a separate MuseScore file and then free it from the texts and rehearshal marks. I am not sure if saving the part as a separate file is also possible in MuS 4.

Unfortunately, the score and the trumpet part are then no longer synchronized. So you would have to repeat the process every time you change the trumpet part.

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