Fingering input bug?

• Apr 4, 2024 - 07:22

Re: MS v4.2.1.240230937

Hey guys,

When entering single-digit fingering, you can press Spacebar to go to the next note.
But when adding fingering to chords of two or more notes (number, Enter, number, etc.), pressing Spacebar has the same effect as pressing Enter again:


Consequently, after each chord is fingered, we must press Esc, click the next chord to select it, and re-enter Fingering mode. For. Each. Chord. So it'd be great if you could fix that... Thanks!

P.S.: Sorry if this has already been mentioned. I searched for "Fingering" but got thousands of results. (It'd help if we could sort them from newest to oldest, at least, rather than having them appear randomly—maybe that's worth some attention too?)


Yeah, pressing just Space works and is much faster, but if you are starting the fingering entry from a chord, make sure to select the top note since MuseScore visits the notes from top to bottom.
Unlike your multiline fingering with the ENTER key which creates one text object per chord, the SPACE-only entry creates a separate text object for each finger number of a chord. This difference has some consequences., the finger numbers are not rendered exactly the same in both cases, in the first case all finger numbers are moved and formatted as one, etc. One advantage of the separate text objects is you don't see a bug where multiline fingering will be positioned farther from the note / the staff the more lines it contains and the bigger the font size and/or the line spacing of the fingering.

There is no bug at all, and space does not have the same effect as enter.
Space navigates from note to note of the chord,
Enter stays on the same note and add a new line to the fingering.

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