Second voice not working in playback

• Apr 5, 2024 - 03:09

Hi all,
My second voice, starting in bar 5, isn't playing on playback and for the life of me I can't figure out how to fix it. I have noticed the same has happened to my full version of the Moonlight Sonata too. Your help is much appreciated!

Anneka (Pianneka)


Is this a problem with your desktop computer as well as the upload?

If you swap pianos between MuseScore Basic piano and MuseSounds piano, is there a difference?

The attached mscz file works fine in MuS 3.7.
Since I don't have a PRO account at, I can't download your score from the cloud and test if it's the same. Therefore: download the cloud version yourself and attach this file here too.
Both could be different ...

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> but Voice 2 was at Velocity 25 and Voice 1 at -25.
But that means voice 2 should be louder than voice 1. And it is when playing with MuS 3.7.
But Anneka (and we) cannot hear voice 2 notes at all if we play the cloud file.
Or is this only a problem in MuS 4?

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I don't think this is a V4 problem. 1. Because when I delete Voice 1 (the arpeggios) on the attached score, I hear Voice 2, but very faintly. 2. And because I can't reproduce from a new score. But at 25 (Voice 1) and -25 (Voice 2), Voice 2 is almost inaudible here too.
You have to go up to around 100 to restore the approximate equivalent.
However, by resetting the value (the "default" is now 64 in V4), for both voices, it works normally.

These questions of velocity are not my cup of tea, nor my usual area of expertise, far from it. But I suppose (?) that since the velocity "standard" has changed, we shouldn't reproduce the settings we were used to in V3 identically in V4. It's better to start from the V4 "default" (64) and then modify the value from there, if desired.

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