Error 401 code when saving to the cloud

• Apr 11, 2024 - 02:36

I keep trying to save a concert band full score to the cloud but it keeps claiming "error 401, authorization required" and I'm not sure what's missing because it saved earlier under the same circumstances but now it won't. I've had fairly consistent problems with saving to the cloud, should I just start saving to my computer instead because it feels like every time there's a problem with it and it's not worth the extra effort.


The same thing is happening to me too! I had to use my external hardrive or save to my computer. It also said there were issues stemming from that comment on loading the website. Maybe the two are connected? Did you have problems with that too?

I hope they fix this soon. Wishing you well!

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That handbook page was last updated for Musescore 3 (provided I looked at the right one 😐). But I believe I have found a new solution:

Go to the actual application on the computer
Go to home and then find your profile
Log out
And then log back in
And then saving it works again by refreshing the sign in to your account

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