Add Right Curly Bracket in Lyrics

• Apr 15, 2024 - 15:34

How to add a right curly bracket (as shown in PDF) to my .mscz. I've looked at "Bracket" in on-line manual ("Bracket Palette") and can't figure it out. I tried copy/pasting a bracket unicode and spacing went crazy.


The only option I can see is to add a staff text at the A note, write a bracket and increase the font size to 99pt (largest possible) and color it red. Then drag it to the desired position.

You have chosen a fairly large font size for the verses, so the bracket cannot be quite as large.

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There is another option:
Use an svg image that you have created with Inkscape, for example.
Drag the file from the file explorer onto the last measure of the multiple verses and move the image to the correct position and adjust the size.
The advantage of an svg graphic: You can easily change the size without losing resolution. And you can enlarge as much as you want.

Attached is a slightly thinner version. Download and save it e.g. in \MuseScore4\Pictures.

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In all the hymn books I've seen (12-18?), I've never seen a bracket used like this. They just have the chorus continuing on a single line instead of however many lines the verses require. As it appears in the MuS score.

Not saying that yours doesn't, not saying you're wrong, but it's certainly not standard. *shrug*

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