Automatic Spacing for Fingering doesn't always work

• Apr 15, 2024 - 11:09

the automatic spacing for Fingering doesn't work under the following condition:

piano score, ie two staffs.
chords of the left hand are placed into the staff of the right hand.

This causes the fingering of the chord to be placed into the same place rendering it illegible.

In my file you will find correctly spaced fingering for bars 5 and 7. In bar 5 it's exactly as it appears after entering the fingering, in bar 7 I have marked all fingerings and flipped them to go below the notes with "x". This still results in correct spacing.

But in bar 17 every other chord of the lower staff has been moved to the upper staff. Now all fingerings are lumped into one spot. This goes also for those chords that have remained in the lower staff.


As an aid for viewers, you can make screenshots and put them within the forum. For example, bars 7 and 5 (fingering is OK):

Bar 17:
Overlapping going on there.

That's too bad: if brought in to MuseScore 3, it's not "perfect" but it doesn't overlap like that, so it looks to be like a regression:

This should probably be mentioned in the github repository for the dev team there amongst the other issues of regressions etc.

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