Guitar tablature when notes are 8va

• Apr 18, 2024 - 16:35

When I select a portion (or all) of my score and select Pitch -> 8va, the program adjusts the tablature to raise the fingering an octave but I'm unable to alter which string is being used to play a particular note. The tablature appears to be 'locked'.

I haven't found anything in the documentation regarding this.

Before the '8va' operation I can move things at will and I'd like to be able to do this after '8va' is applied. Am I missing something here?

Thanks, John


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Thanks ... that led to the solution. I'm on a Mac (without a separate numeric keypad) and, it turns out that 'command' and the down arrow move it to the next string down. I had gotten completely accustomed to just clicking the mouse on a target note and dragging it up or down. That still works fine if the selections isn't 8va. Go figure ...

But, thanks again, that works ;-)


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