Stems point in the wrong direction after transposing

• Apr 17, 2024 - 15:14

I have noted lately that after transposing a piece up or down that some of the note stems are pointing in the wrong direction. I then have to go note by note to correct it. I wouldn't mind if I could at least just select all notes and just set auto for stem direction.


Perhaps the stem directions were set to up or down rather than auto before transposition, in which case, the setting is preserved.

You can select all the notes. Right click on one note and in the pop up menu use Select Similar. You can restrict it to just one stave with Select Similar on this stave, or more clever things like all notes with this pitch using the other options under "more". If you select a range first by clicking on the first note and then shift clicking on the last note in the range you can further restrict your selection. See for more detailed information about how to select things.

I think Control/Command+r reverts stem direction to an ideal/default position. If this works you can select a wide range of notes, an entire staff, or the whole document and apply Control/Command+r

Note that this will remove any hand edited stem flips.

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