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• Feb 4, 2010 - 20:28

It would be really helpful if you could select a single note in "standard mode" (by which I mean neither note entry, nor edit mode) and then click on the voicing grid to make that note change voice, just like you can change the duration of an already entered note by clicking on the note durations in the task bar.


I forgot the "note" in the subject line, which makes me additionally request an edit function for the forum ;-)

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I see how to switch voices in the Edit->Voices function, however I can't find a way to change the voice of a note.

If notation has been entered with all parts/notes in voice one, there doesn't seem to be a way to point to a note and change it to voice two. For example, if you have entered a Hymn with the soprano and alto lines both in voice one, there is no way to separate the parts into two voices. There should be a way to go back and change the alto line to voice two.

The switch voices function assumes you already have a voice one part and a voice two part and you want to switch the voices of the two parts. This is helpful, in some cases, but the ability to point to a note or string of notes and re-voice them by stipulating a new voice part would be far more useful for me.

Thanks for making MuseScore available.

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Not tested and I don't know if it's applicable...
But if your alto and soprano in voice 1 are separated enough meaning no overlap, you could split the staff to two staves with right click on a staff and Split staff. Then select the second staff content and paste it on voice 2 in the first staff.

Regarding your proposition, imagine a simple measure with two half notes in one voice and 16 16th in voice 2. If you move the first half note to voice2, you will erase 8 16th notes. Is that what you want?
I can see some nice cases... Move the 4th note of a tuplet of 7 16th to a voice containing a whole note? What do you expect?

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I tried the Split staff function and because the soprano and alto parts are not separated enough, you wind up with a crossover of voice parts. Also, I want to keep the Grand Staff layout but have the Soprano have stems up and the Alto with stems down (same for TB).

I would like to be able to highlight a string of notes (could be measure by measure) and then click the voice part on your selection grid that I want to assign to these notes. So if the existing notation for the alto line is in voice one, I can highlight the notes in a string and then re-assign them to voice two (stems down)

This is what I am trying to do. I am developing a music education application that listens to the voice or instrument via microphone input. In the case of a hymn, I want the alto singer to be able to sing the alto part on a grand staff. Our product already works for the split staff arrangement with multiple voice parts. But choral music is often written on a grand staff.

Also, there are thousands of public domain hymns available online that I could use (with permission) in our project. However, most of them have been entered with the parts all in voice one. I need a convenient way separate the voice parts but preserve the grand staff. Of course I could re-enter all of the voice parts but that would take a lot of time.

Thanks for your attention to this request.

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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but it seems to have fizzled out unanswered and it's not clear if this is on a list of potential new features. Nobody answered lasconic's question about what should happen to existing notes in the voice a single note is moved to, but I have another use case where split staff would not be a solution even if it was technically possible as it involves guitar music which should be on a single staff.

The use case is moving individual notes to a completely new voice.
I have a long section of chords all in a single voice. The section is repeated but in the repeat there's a variation which calls for some of the notes in each chord to be replaced by an arpeggio. I could copy and paste then delete those notes and create the new voice from scratch but feel it would be quicker to move the notes to a new voice and shorten them before adding the new notes.

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The edit button is in the top left menu in MuseScore. You click then point to and it will let you exchange voice parts. You can switch the soprano part with the alto part so the alto line is labeled voice one and the soprano line is labeled voice two, etc.

This assumes that you entered the notation in separate voice parts and now you want to switch voice parts.

Yes, there is a function "exchange voices in the edit, but this works on staff level and not for single notes. Here is what a novice user tried (I am one), click on the voices icons in the top menu, doesn't change the assignment of the selected note. Open Note properties. There is no voice assignment and no way to change it.
Now I had a score imported from music xml and there were some bars with mixed voices within one cord.
The "exchange voices" did not help to force all notes to one voice.
I think the comment is valid, a function to assign single seleced notes to other voices would be helpful.

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