Trying to change a font type using 'Style' in 2.0

• Sep 9, 2014 - 21:08

When trying to change a font type via 'Style'>'Text'>'Title'
and in the font box change the font type, nothing visually changes
although after the modification and looking at the 'properties' it seems to be a successful action.
A save, then closing and restarting MuseScore 2.0 does not help.
I am certainly have forgotten something to do. Can somebody help me please?


Changing the "Title" text style should change the style of any text items (such as the actual title of your piece) that use that text style - but, I think, only if they have not already been customized (and that might include titles from imported 1.3 scores).

If you have a score where the title has not been customized (eg, using text properties or via the controls at the bottom of the window while editing), was not imported from an earlier version, and it does not update with changes to the text style, please post the score and steps to reproduce, and say which build you are using and on which OS. Thanks!

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