Scaling only works in metric measurement

• May 12, 2010 - 00:56

Hi! NEW user here -

I was getting a HUGE staff for my lead sheet test of mscore 9.4 on debian linux. The proposed solution LAYOUT>PAGE SETTINGS>SPACE just wasn't working -- until I reverted back to metric units! Hmm - so, is this a bug that needs to be addressed, or do the newer versions incorporate a fix already?

Thanks, my boys both use MuseScore, I'm trying to get out of my old Music Time Deluxe (Win 3.1 - era) and find something that works on Linux; the nice universal pdf export is a real plus for sending lead sheets to the other instrumentalists at church.

Blessings --


PS - real trouble transposing -- the chords won't change with the rest of the score, even though they were entered using "Chord Names." Not sure if this is a Linux/Debian issue or 9.4 glitch....

You need to upgrade to at least version 0.9.5. See the download page of this website for instructions on obtaining the latest stable version of MuseScore.

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Thanks -- and sorry about posting on the bug tracker. Yes, actually i was using version 0.9.6 Beta to see if the chord transposition worked -- but still am having trouble.

As mentioned, transposing using key names does not cause the chord names to change at all. Using interval-based transposition does cause the chords to change; however, in going up a major 2nd from Bb Major to C Major, the Bb Major chord is rendered as B# rather than C. Transposing up a Major 3rd caused the program to freeze.

As I mentioned, I used MuseScore version 0.9.6 Beta, on a Mint Linux 9 RC Live CD (Ubuntu-based). Do i need to to use 9.5 stable? It's a little tough switching versions in Linux due to dependency issues (not your fault!) I normally use Mepis Linux (another Deb-based distro) but they only have MuseScore 9.4 in the repos. I'm considering what distro in a new laptop and music notation is an important consideration in choosing.

Thanks again for your help!

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I'm not able to reproduce any problems with scaling in inches using 0.9.5 or a nightly build of the upcoming 0.9.6 although I vaguely remember problems with this in older versions of MuseScore (might include 0.9.4).

There were quite a few changes related to transposition over the last few months and weeks. The problems may be fixed in the release candidate for 0.9.6 that was released this past weekend. I don't know if the release candidate has made it's way to Mint yet or not.

If you want, you can attach a copy of your score and I can check with the latest builds.

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