Beam direction

• Nov 11, 2014 - 00:10

I'm still using version 1.3. If the beams are above the notes, is there a way to reverse that and place them below the notes?

Also, is there a way to shrink the width of the staff? Or is that a fixed value?



Beams are just things at the end of stems, so if you want the beams on reversed, you are really saying you wan thte stems reverse. The command to flip a stem is "X".

Not sure what you mean by the "width" of a staff. Do you mean *height* - as in, the distance from top line to bottom line? This is set in Layout / Page Settings. The "Space" setting literally sets the size of the space between staff lines.

If you really mean width - as in, the width of the staff on the page - then you'd control via the page size and left/right page margins.

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